About Elisabeth

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth Vismans was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She lived in 5 countries before she moved with her family to the US and now resides in Woodbine, MD. She is an Award Winning artist, instructor, and resident artist at the Griffin Art Center in Frederick, MD.

After high school she studied French in Paris, Human Resources in the Netherlands and although she would have rather gone to art school she pursued an international career in the corporate world. Once her son and daughter went to college she decided to follow her life long passion for painting and took painting lessons with a local artist. Once the painting bug got her she studied with a number of other artists in Maryland, Virginia and Colorado.

She participated in many juried shows and soon started to win Awards.

She is especially inspired by the play of light and color, and works mainly with oil paint in vibrant colors. Her favorite subject matters are flowers and figures, but she also dedicates also time to dog portraits.

In 2005 she started Elisabeth Vismans Art, in 2011 Elisabeth founded Quality Within, LLC where she coaches with intuitive painting women in transition to find their life purpose and in April of 2014 she started with her painting events. She is an art instructor at the Yellow Barn in Glen Echo, Visarts in Rockville and the Griffin Art Center in Frederick, where she is also a resident artist.

Elisabeth loves to work with groups and especially the paint and wine events give her so much pleasure.  Her encouragement and enthusiasm for painting will inspire you to have a wonderful event.

She designs the paintings in bright colors that will look good in any decor, sketches the canvases for you and has all the painting supplies you need to have a good time, a great time. In a group of 20 to 25 participants you will get lots of individual attention to paint and find your own style.

Always a lot of fun to paint and chat while enjoying a glass of wine with your friends or your best new friends. At these events everybody is an artist. There are no mistakes. It’s all good.

From the beginning to the end it’s all in one hand.

Find out when and where the new “Paint and Wine with Elisabeth” will be held and contact Elisabeth if you would like to organize a private party, whether it’s just for fun or with team building in mind.


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What if you could drink wine, make art, and nosh on fresh snacks with your friends or coworkers? You may be embarrassed about what a wine-induced art piece would look like or timid about purchasing art supplies and cleaning brushes. Fear not. Local award-winning artist Elisabeth Vismans has paired up with the newly opened Vini Culture in downtown Frederick for Paint and Wine events.

These events allow art novices, as well as intermediate ….    read more